Alejandro Wasserman Arquitectos (AWA) is a full service architecture studio.  AWA provides comprehensive architectural design, programming, planning, renovation and interior design of minor, medium and major scale projects for private, corporate and public clients.

We are convinced that each project is a live, functional and unique piece of art, like every individual and company behind it.  Our concern and efforts are focused on understanding the needs of our clients so that we can obtain a product that faithfully reflects ours client’s interests.  We have incorporated the thorough management concept, by which we guide and keep our clients informed of every step of the design process (from its inception at the concept design phase until the completion of the building).  Our priority is the total and transparent communication with our clients.

Because the client’s projections are our projects, each of them deserves our full attention.  We strive to provide a service of excellence, at the vanguard in design and unmatched in its execution.